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Schools, colleges likely to reopen on Sept 12

Dipu Moni, the education minister, stated Friday that all educational institutions of primary and secondary level would reopen on September 12. She stated, "We have jointly -- the two ministries [educational and primary and secondary education] --- made the decision." An earlier decision was made that an inter-ministerial meeting would take place on September 5, to make decisions about the reopening educational institutions. The minister spoke on Friday in Chandpur. Dipu Moni stated that the Secondary School Certificate exam would take place in November, and the Higher Secondary Certificate examination will take place in December. She added that a discussion about reopening universities would be held again. In the meantime, the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 recommended that primary, secondary, and higher secondary classes be held one to two days a week. Public health experts stated that students will have to follow health regulations after schools reopen.

Long tailbacks at ferry terminals

Due to strong currents in the Padma and Jamuna rivers, the ferry services on Paturia–Daulatdia channels and Aricha-Kazirhat channel were disrupted. Around 600 vehicles, including buses and trucks, were left stranded at four ferry terminals across both channels Friday afternoon. Abu Abdullah, the manager of Aricha's Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation, stated that ferry services along the Aricha–Kazirhat river route were being disrupted for a few days because one of three ferry ferries was now out of service. Kolmi Lata's troubled ferry was anchored at Aricha ferry Ghat for repair, he stated. Abu Abdullah stated that delays in ferrying due to heavy currents in the River PadmaJumuna contributed to the disruption of services. He said that the heavy current and the sharp rise in river Padma-Jumuna's water level in the past few days meant that ferrying times doubled. Traffic pressure increased on both channels after the shipping ministry stopped ferry services on Shimu