Long tailbacks at ferry terminals

Due to strong currents in the Padma and Jamuna rivers, the ferry services on Paturia–Daulatdia channels and Aricha-Kazirhat channel were disrupted.

Around 600 vehicles, including buses and trucks, were left stranded at four ferry terminals across both channels Friday afternoon.

Abu Abdullah, the manager of Aricha's Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation, stated that ferry services along the Aricha–Kazirhat river route were being disrupted for a few days because one of three ferry ferries was now out of service.

Kolmi Lata's troubled ferry was anchored at Aricha ferry Ghat for repair, he stated.

Abu Abdullah stated that delays in ferrying due to heavy currents in the River PadmaJumuna contributed to the disruption of services.

He said that the heavy current and the sharp rise in river Padma-Jumuna's water level in the past few days meant that ferrying times doubled. Traffic pressure increased on both channels after the shipping ministry stopped ferry services on Shimulia Banglabazar route from August 18. This was to prevent accidents involving Padma Bridge.

Rana Shikdar, a resident of the region, stated that over 600 vehicles gathered on the road to create a tailback of five kilometres at Paturia Ghat on Friday noon.

For several days, thousands of passengers from 17 South-West districts of the country are suffering immense pains on both sides Padma -- Paturia at Manikganj or Daulatdia at Rajbari.

Sumun Mia, a Kushtia passenger said that his bus was stuck for five hours after arriving at Paturia's terminal at 10:00am.

Abdus Sattar, a BIWTC manager and mariner, stated that ferry service was being hampered by strong currents in the Padma.

Ferry Hasna Hena had to be anchored at Paturia ferry terminal because it could not move against the heavy current and loading vehicles.

On Friday, at least 200 vehicles were seen stranded in Daulatdia. More than 50 were stranded at Aricha ghat.

There are 19 ferries currently operating on Paturia–Daulatdia route. Three ferries operate on Aricha–Kazirhat route. The floating workshop in Paturia, Aricha is currently repairing the ferry Hasna Hena as well as Kolmi Lata.




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