Schools, colleges likely to reopen on Sept 12

Dipu Moni, the education minister, stated Friday that all educational institutions of primary and secondary level would reopen on September 12.

She stated, "We have jointly -- the two ministries [educational and primary and secondary education] --- made the decision."

An earlier decision was made that an inter-ministerial meeting would take place on September 5, to make decisions about the reopening educational institutions. The minister spoke on Friday in Chandpur.

Dipu Moni stated that the Secondary School Certificate exam would take place in November, and the Higher Secondary Certificate examination will take place in December.

She added that a discussion about reopening universities would be held again.

In the meantime, the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 recommended that primary, secondary, and higher secondary classes be held one to two days a week.

Public health experts stated that students will have to follow health regulations after schools reopen. Students must use masks at all times. Authorities should make necessary infrastructure changes, provide masks, and conduct Covid tests to avoid any outbreaks.

Following the Covid epidemic on March 8, 2020, which resulted in the closure of all schools, this announcement announced that the schools would reopen after 17 and a quarter months.

On Thursday, Sheikh Hasina, the prime minister, and leader of the House, told the Parliament that steps were being taken to reopen schools and colleges.

Zahid Maleque, the health minister, announced that all national medical colleges would reopen on September 13, under plans to resume in-person classes in phases.

Prior to that, the education minister made a virtual inter-ministerial statement on August 26. He was joined by Md Zakir Hossain, state minister for primary, and mass education, and Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury deputy minister for education. They stated that universities would reopen in phases after October 15, after students have been vaccinated.

A recommendation was made to reopen educational institutions if the daily Covid positive rate falls between 5% and 10%, as per international standards.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina instructed the concerned authorities to make every preparation to reopen educational establishments as soon as possible after the Covid situation improved.

Dipu Moni, a virtual media briefing host, stated that the SSC, HSC or equivalent examinations for 2021 on the shortened syllabus would be held in November and December depending on how the coronavirus situation improves.

Dipu Moni announced on February 27 that after a meeting of the cabinet committee, schools, colleges, and madrassahs will be reopened in a limited capacity on March 30, and universities on May 24, after vaccination of teachers and residential students at the public universities.

The government extended the closing of all other educational institutions, including schools, colleges, madrassahs, and technical institutes, until September 26.

Dipu Moni, a Chandpur program participant on Friday, stated that the holidays for educational institutions were extended to September 11, while they hoped that they would reopen educational institutions at the higher secondary level starting September 12.

She also mentioned that they had met on Thursday with the National Technical Advisory Committee for Covid-19.

She said that an inter-ministerial meeting was scheduled for September 5, and added, "We have all the preparations."

The minister said that even after the reopenings of schools, madrassahs, and technical institutions, a daily mandated report would be sent by the ministry to ensure strict compliance with health regulations.

She noted that many teachers and staff had received Covid vaccine, while the prime minister stated that people over 12 years old would be vaccinated.

She stated that vaccines could not be given to people between 12 and 18 years old.

Dipu Moni stated that the university authorities and academic councils had made the decision to reopen the universities.

"Earlier, we spoke with the vice-chancellors and they suggested that students get at least one dose of vaccine. After that, we would set a date for the middle of October to reopen universities." She added.

She said that university officials could also reopen universities prior to that, along with any other educational institutions, if they so desired.

On Saturday, Professor Mohammad Shahidullah (chairman of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19) told New Age that it was crucial to close all educational institutions for longer than 17 months due to the entire situation.

He said that the daily test positivity rate was 32-33% in the June-July time period, and it dropped to 10-11% in August.

He said that the rate of death has fallen by about 70%, which is a good sign. He also noted that vaccine availability has increased.

He said that the education, primary and mass education ministries had also made preparations to reopen educational establishments. This is why public health specialists also believe that such institutions could be reopened in stages and on a trial basis.

The Thursday meeting of officials from the Education Ministry discussed the fact that the HSC and SSC exams were to be held in December and November respectively. Classes for the candidates would be held regularly while classes below these levels could be held one or two days per week. He mentioned.

Professor Mohammad Shahidullah said, "After the reopening the educational institutions, the health regulations should strictly be followed with meticulous monitoring."

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University's pharmacology Department Chairman Professor Md Sayedur Rahman stated that it was crucial for students and guardians to change their attitude in order to comply with the health regulations.

He stated that the authorities should also increase the number and quality of toilets, windows, and gates in schools. He suggested that the triangular sitting arrangement be changed and that sanitisation facilities were being introduced.

He stated that the government should provide 4.5 million red and 4.5 lakh green masks to all students. This would make it mandatory for everyone to wear masks.

Professor Md Sayedur Rahman said that guardians should not be allowed to pick up children from schools, while school officials should test 5 percent of students each week.

He also suggested that all students and teachers should be vaccinated.

Students continued their education after the closing of educational institutions through online classes, TV broadcasts, or other alternatives. However, many students remained outside the scope of these systems.


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